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S160 Tool Repairing Mat For Mobile Phone

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Tool Repairing Mat for Mobile Phone

Ideal for soldering electronics assembly or electronics and circuit board repair such as for smart phone, laptop, computer, sports watch, camera, smart toy, eyeglasses etc. it can put more small screws which makes things more organized and tidy. Make your repair work easy with built-in scale ruler and multiple notches to classify screws, IC chips and small parts. It is made of high-quality silica, on-toxic and Odorless, flexible and durable, can fold, stretch ensure that it can maintain good daily use, easily cleaned nice with soap and water or even rubbing alcohol. Anti-Slip, both surface and backside are nonskid, it won’t slide around on your counter or station, and its attractive design keeps small parts from sliding, too.

multifunction silicon Pad: Multi-function silicone pad consists of circuit board fixture, screw location, 3 parts of device drop zone with covers, magnetic tools area, 3 magnetic drop zone areas, 7 parts of non-magnetic drop zone areas, a scale ruler and 42 pieces of small spare cells drop zone areas.

Screw Locations: it comes with 124 tiny cells, you can place it and secure 124 different screw in order.

Several hole location: Several hole location to set screws, IC chips and small parts.

Built-in scale ruler (0 ~ 36 cm) on bottom section, make your repair work easy. It’s a good partner for hot air gun.

Resistance to high temperature of 500 °C: Heat resistant, chemical resistant, rugged cut resistant surface, can well protect the maintenance platform, not broken by the high temperature.

Small section is magnetic: some small section is magnetic can be used to hold screws firmly. It can be used as magnetizer for your screwdrivers also.


Products Specification:

Type: Hea+t insulation pad

Net weight: 655 g

Size: 45 x 30 cm / 17.7 x 11.8 inch

Thickness: about 5 mm

Heat resistance: 500 °C

Material: Environmentally friendly organo silicone

Colour: Blue & OEM another Color

Note: The pad may have dust or other appearance minor defect. It does not affect the function. Please make sure that you don’t care about it. Thank you.

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