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OEM LCD Compatible For IPhone 7



OEM LCD helps to repair the faulty screen, you can replace or repair the old, scratched dead pixels, cloudy, wrong colour issue, and vertical lines with the NEW one. OEM stands for the original equipment manufacturers. It actually indicates some parts that are used in the parts and require from the original manufacturers of the Brand. Apply is not involved with several companies to make the screen and display assembly.

Quick response: OEM screen gives a quicker response, all our parts and accessories are created and tested on the original specifications. OEM LCD compatible with the screen and perform

Quality: all the parts and component are created and tested to match the original specifications.  All our parts and components are created and tested to match the original specification and are sure to be high-quality.

Warranty: One of the most important benefits of the OEM comes with the manufacturer warranty.

Return on the investment:

The supply is designed according to the specification, it increases the life of the equipment. It will save your money, maintain performance and reduce downtime in the long run.

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