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HXSSJ V500 Gaming Single Hand keyboard

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Supported devices: suitable for PS3, suitable for PS4, suitable for XBOX 360, suitable for XBOX 1, suitable for SWITCH
Two USB interface functions: connect the USB cable to the game console, press the logo, and then connect the original handle of the mouse to the corresponding uSB interface
The keyboard has a backlight function, which is very cool
Cable length: 155cm
Size: Size: 25.3x18x3.7cm
When setting the left and right joystick function of the original wired controller to the keyboard, the direction of the joystick must be pushed to the end, and only the four directions of the joystick are set, down, left, and right
For mouse settings, when the original wired joystick must be pushed to the end, the mouse will slide in the corresponding direction, and the mouse only supports the left and right joystick directions. The original handle cross keys support 8 direction settings
During the setting process, if you do not hold down the original wired handle function key or press the joystick to the back, the original setting function of the keyboard or mouse will be cleared
The mouse speed adjustment product supports the adjustment of the mouse movement speed, the default is three gears. DPl speed adjustment: ESC + CAPSLOCK + AISIDFIG (can be adjusted cyclically)
Mouse Y-axis direction switch. The Y-axis control of part of the game is opposite to the set value. Game operators can adjust the Y-axis direction of the mouse by pressing ECS a??a??+ Racoord according to their needs.

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1 x HXSSJ V500 Gaming Single Hand keyboard

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