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HXSJ V100-2 Single Hand Gaming Keyboard

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One-handed keyboard backlight color has a different color order, the specific light color is subject to the real thing, thank you for your cooperation!

Light effect mode:
1.Luminous characteristics: LED color backlight, more cool at night.
2. The keyboard backlight function is controlled as follows: There are dedicated light buttons at the bottom of the mouse.
3. Can be configured into different kinds of language versions according to customer needs.
4. The keyboard supports running on Win 2000, Win XP, Win ME, Vista, Win7, Win8, Linux, Apple and other operating systems.




Brand: HXSJ
Model: V100
Name: One-handed gaming keyboard
Product interface: USB 2.0
Press the number of keys: 35 keys
Key life: 20 million times
Product line length: 1.4m
Flash ROM: 32 bytes
EEPROM: Built-in 2K bytes
Operating voltage: VDD = 3.3V – 5.5V
Working current: 100mA

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