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ANG 309 Wireless Magnetic Car Charger Mount

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Magnetic car charger mount rotatable smartphone holder   can be easily installed on the flat surface that you desire. Strong magnetic is available in the wholesale prices at ishine.

The strong magnetic car holder is used to mount your smartphone. Attach the mount magnetic holder on the flat surface like dash or centre console. Your device is stick to the metallic disk, and adjust your phone at the 360. You can just give a gentle pull to remove it. Call phone strong magnetic would not allow your device to wobble, slip and fall of your device. The holder gives the tight grip on the devices

Clear view: The magnetic mount gives a clear view of your phone screen without reaching for your mobile phone devices and you can reach your destination safely.

 The perfect view angle: the unique round shape of the magnetic mount holder. It efficiently set your phone position across the 360 degrees. You can clearly see everything.

Ultra-secure: the magnetic mount holder is working with the iPhones, android phones, Blackberry and magnetic mount on the place.

Mount it everywhere:  the placement of the magnetic mount can be done on the surface place like the dash or the centre console. You can also use on your office desktop, kitchen counter, bedroom nightstand, bathroom vanity and anywhere as per your need and requirements.

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