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ANG 268 Air Vent Gravity Car Holder

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The air vent holder can be used with eth single hand. You can put in and take out the device with a single hand. It is more comfortable in use. It is easier to use the phone car holder and tightly grip your phone and never let you drop.

Especial lock mounts: the car phone holder to air vent is strongly secure, so that car mount will not fall out. The car holder in a stallion is done in one minute. Air Vent phone holder easily fits any smartphone.

Universal compatibility. AIR  car vent mount is compatible with any smartphone. iPhone Samsung Galaxy, Google Nexus Pixel, Motorola and many more.

Updated version. 4 ultra-strong safe magnets hold any smartphone securely. Silicon finish surface of a car mount magnet provides a firm grip.


360-degree rotation: The fully 360-degree rotation of a cell phone car mount provides you with the best viewing angle. Magnetic phone car mount ensures safe driving whether you are talking, navigating, listening to music or charging. Magnetic car AIR mount for women for men.


Strong Grip: The air vent car holder on the flat surface like dash or centre console. Your device is stick to the metallic disk, and adjust your phone at the 360. You can just give a gentle pull to remove it. Call phone strong magnetic would not allow your device to wobble, slip and fall of your device. The holder gives the tight grip on the devices

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