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Clean hands can be an answer!

By Jaco Brits

Let’s be Honest: Touchscreen problems are a pain. When our Phone goes haywire, it can make us regret the day we chucked our old BlackBerry in favour of modern day touchscreen models. After all, what good is a device if your touchscreen isn’t working?


To complicate things, there are a wide variety of touchscreen common problems, and issues that can cause them. After all, they’re complicated devices. The good news is that often; the solution can be as simple as washing your hands!


Clean hands can make all the difference. Did you know that if your hands are greasy or wet, it can have a major impact on iPhone’s touchscreen sensitivity? Sure, it sounds simple, but if you’re looking down right now and your hands look like an auto mechanic’s, try giving them a quick wash and a thorough dry.


Or it can be as simple as removing your gloves. Some gloves are manufactured to be used with touchscreens, but the vast majority are not. So before you break into a sweat, try peeling off those bad boys and seeing if your touchscreen responds better.

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