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Synology DS220+ NAS: Most secure affordable storage solution for your home

By Yvonne Delon

A truly affordable  (Network Attached Storage) device that not only lets you backup and sync all your family / business devices, but securely manages  access to your data anytime and anywhere. Thankfully, the much-talked about Synology DiskStation DS220+, which we recently  tested and absolutely fell in love with, takes care of these needs.

When  you learn that your  high-end mobile device no longer has any available space for additional data it’s something that we constantly battle with, well at least because I hate to delete anything, as a technology  professional, and  a family person who understands all too well the importance of preserving those precious moments with your loved ones.

While it’s no secret that today’s notebooks and mobile devices are overpriced for their limited storage space, and upgrading them isn’t always an option, the minute I got my hands on the Synology DiskStation DS220+, I couldn’t help but notice how truly economical this compact NAS device is.

With just a once-off cost, it’s a far better option compared to public cloud hosting, which often comes not only with a recurring (pay-as-you-go) subscription model, but is also prone to data loss due to lack of automated backup, and privacy concerns resulting from third-party handling.

Synology DS220+ NAS; design and top features

The DS220+ is an upgrade to its 2017 DS218+ predecessor. A compact and highly effective network-attached storage solution, it is primarily designed to centralise and facilitate your data and multimedia control.

Similar in form as the DS218+, it also comes with two internal hard drive bays, along with a detachable front panel and two dedicated 3.0 USB ports for the front and back, as well as the power button and indicator lights.

Apart from the tool-less setup, one of our favourite features, or rather buttons has to be the single-touch copy button on the right side of the drive cover, which lets you copy and transfer contents from your USB drive right away at a push of a button we are impressed by ease of use.

Synology DS220+ NAS functionality

  • Synology NAS is the best alternative of external HDD and public cloud, which help you to achieve the following purposes:
    • Drive allows the whole family to sync/back up files between a centralised NAS and their PC/Mac in real-time. Drive also supports restoring previous versions.
    • Users can access files remotely setting up port forwarding, DDNS and via browsers and mobile apps. In addition, users can access their NAS remotely with a QuickConnect ID, without the hassle of setting your router or network’s configuration.
    • Synology NAS supports various file protocols, including SAMBA, AFP, NTS, FTP, WebDAV.
    • A centralised storage place to back up/sync the whole family’s PCs and notebooks
    • Remote access made easy.
  • Backup your photos on your cameras/ mobile devices to NAS
    • Photos can be backed up onto your NAS through DS Photo to Synology Photo Station.
    • You can utilize a hotel’s free WiFi allowing you to back up photos taken during your trip from mobiles to your NAS at home, providing an additional layer of protection.

    • Synology DS220+ AI-enabled photo management app lets you effortlessly preserve your precious memories.
      • Share your photos or files with secure links on NAS
        • Users can easily share photos or their other digital by using Synology Photo Station to their family and friends through one secure link with custom permission levels
      • Download digital content, build a multimedia hub and stream content
        • Video Station allows you to stream videos stored on your NAS to large-screen TV, Plex Server is also supported. Video Station also Search and sync subtitles automatically based on personal settings.
        • If you used to download files from the Internet, you can now offload the download tasks from your PC to your NAS with Download Station. Download Station is a web-based download application which allows you to download files from the Internet through BT, FTP, HTTP, NZB, FlashGet, QQDL, and eMule.
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