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Apple IPhone 6s & 6s Plus 3D Touch Settings

By Jaco Brits

Are you experiencing Issues with your 3D touch on your 6s or 6s plus. Check out Cell Hubs handy Guide to help you get it fixed.

Your iPhone 6s or 6s Plus has a feature called 3D touch that allows you to make a hard press to open new menu functions. If you are having troubles using this function, follow these steps to make sure that your settings are correct.

Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > scroll down to 3D Touch and change to firm or light setting, P.S your default setting is medium, you will be able to test your new sensitivity settings at the bottom.

Please bear in mind not all apps have the 3D touch functions just yet.

With Cell hub you are now ready to press a bit harder to work a little faster.

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